Different Types Of Wedding Rings

If you have just gotten engaged you are probably on cloud 9, incredibly happy that the love of your life has agreed to spend the rest of their life with you. You all have probably started planning your wedding. One of the most essential parts of the big day would be the placing of the rings on each other’s fingers. The exchange of the rings is a moment that all of you are going to remember for the rest of your lives. These magnificent rings signify the promise that the two of you made to each other. Traditions do change over the years, but this one hasn’t wavered. Wearing a wedding ring signifies that you are committed to someone; the ring shows the world how much you love your spouse. Since the rings hold so much importance, you need to be very careful while picking them. To get more information about wedding rings and bands to check www.mensweddingbands.com.  Here is a list of many types of wedding rings:


  1. One of the best and most common designs is the one that is incredibly and perfectly plain. It shows that you don’t want to boast or show off. An elegant and straightforward plain gold or rose gold design is perfect. They even use platinum sometimes.
  2. Fingerprint wedding rings literally have the fingerprints of the couple engraved on the rings. They come in a variety of options, some of them including gold, silver, metal and platinum as well.
  3. Matching rings or pairing rings are a good option for couples. They can include designs like one ring can have half of one heart, and the other ring can have the other half, when you bring them together, they form a full heart.
  4. A simple diamond ring is actually an elegant and conventional design that has a diamond on the ring; diamonds are forever indeed, and this metal and diamond combination will undoubtedly be perfect.
  5. A butterfly vintage rose gold ring with a heart-shaped diamond. This ring is indeed a beautiful vintage pattern which is studded with smaller diamonds all around it; the centre has a much bigger heart-shaped diamond.
  6. Cushion cut rose gold ring has a hollow princess cut white diamond and is studded high on pink diamonds and also has a layer of a rose gold frame which holds the design high and gives it a pretty vibe.
  7. Princess cut diamond ring has a huge diamond in the middle with some other rings on the side.
  8. Unique wedding rings are trendy and sought after. A handcrafted ring shows people that you are not boring and that you are incredibly creative.

Wedding rings must be one of the most important decisions that you make, so don’t rush it.

About the author: Jeanette Thomas