How Is A Community Theater Advantageous For The Community?

A community theater is not only beneficial and important for the performers, but even for the community as the whole. It gives the community an opportunity to come up together and celebrate teamwork and creativity. This facet of a community theater is generally dismissed when contemplating on the advantages of a community theater in a community setting. It is always very important to note that the audience plays a significant role in supporting art. The role of the audience is just second to the performer who comes first in supporting art. Coming together for viewing a certain local drama or play is a thrilling and exciting experience irrespective of the fact that whether the entire performance is a flop or simply fantastic. New friends can be made or new interests can easily be discovered at community theaters and thus they are of great benefit for the community.

The Educational Side of Community Theaters

Community theaters are not only beneficial and entertaining for the community and the performers, but they are also educational. Students can greatly benefit from viewing a Shakespeare play live rather than simply studying it in the classroom. There are many musicals and plays based on historical events and these spark interest among students. Students can use such plays for creating research projects in class. Thus, from the above mentioned facts, it can rightly be said that a community theater goes a long way in supporting art in the community. Community theaters are places for life-long learning and new discoveries. These theaters can open the eyes of the audience to new hobbies, new paths in life and new relationships.

About the author: Jeanette Thomas