pigeon spikes

Things to know about pigeon spikes

One of the most reliable ways to keep your building birdproof for the long term is by installing pigeon spikes. There are different sizes of spikes to protect your house against pigeons or seagulls.

Are pigeon spikes harmful?

The RSPB generally recommends pigeon spikes as one of the best long term method of bird proofing your building. The pins used on the spikes act as a physical barrier, so the birds do not get access to the ledge and allow them to move to a more accessible area.

white pigeon

Are they only for pigeons?

No, they are designed for pigeons and also pigeon-sized birds. The length of a pigeon spike is set at an optimum height at an angle for scaring the pigeons. For larger birds, a specialised bird spike can be installed with much larger pins that are in proportionate to larger birds. The smaller birds such as sparrow require much denser spikes which restrict smaller birds access.

Are steel and plastic spikes any different?

Both types of spikes are effective at their jobs it comes down to the aesthetics and the cost. Plastic spikes are much cheaper than the steel spikes, and also it reflects the background where it is installed. The stainless steel spikes are slightly less visible against buildings, and due to its thin, matt pins, it is the choice of pest control professional.

Can the steel rust and plastic become brittle

Yes, it possible that steel may rust and plastic becomes brittle. Chose a steel bird spike which is made of stainless steel and comes with a no rust warranty.  Select a plastic spike that is made from Durolon polycarbonate, which does not become brittle and break away easily.


Why varying widths?

The varying widths account for different sizes of birds. A large bird can easily overcome the smaller bird spike due to its long legs. Therefore there are different variants of spikes that are developed to cater to varying types of birds.

What about the silicone?

There are many silicones in the market to help attach the pigeon spike to a surface. Make sure that the silicone you have sticks to any surface of your building and starts immediately to help proof your building from birds.

There are different ways to attach the spikes to a surface?

Generally, spikes come with specialist silicone which helps the spike fix in the base as the spikes come with holes in the base, the glue will generally ooze through the holes and create a lock. These holes can also be used to screw the base down. For a less permanent solution try to use a cable wire to attach pigeon spikes bases.

About the author: Jeanette Thomas