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I totally enjoyed the comedy show that was held at the theater last week. The entire setting was brilliant, and I would definitely go back to have some more fun.


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Things to know about pigeon spikes

pigeon spikes

One of the most reliable ways to keep your building birdproof for the long term is by installing pigeon spikes. There are different sizes of spikes to protect your house against pigeons or seagulls.

Are pigeon spikes harmful?

The RSPB generally recommends pigeon spikes as one of the best long term method of bird proofing your building. The pins used on the spikes act as a physical barrier, so the birds do not get access to the ledge and allow them to move to a more accessible area.

white pigeon

Are they only for pigeons?

No, they are designed for pigeons and also pigeon-sized birds. The length of a pigeon spike is set at an optimum height at an angle for scaring the pigeons. For larger birds, a specialised bird spike can be installed with much larger pins that are in proportionate to larger birds. The smaller birds such as sparrow require much denser spikes which restrict smaller birds access.

Are steel and plastic spikes any different?

Both types of spikes are effective at their jobs it comes down to the aesthetics and the cost. Plastic spikes are much cheaper than the steel spikes, and also it reflects the background where it is installed. The stainless steel spikes are slightly less visible against buildings, and due to its thin, matt pins, it is the choice of pest control professional.

Can the steel rust and plastic become brittle

Yes, it possible that steel may rust and plastic becomes brittle. Chose a steel bird spike which is made of stainless steel and comes with a no rust warranty.  Select a plastic spike that is made from Durolon polycarbonate, which does not become brittle and break away easily.


Why varying widths?

The varying widths account for different sizes of birds. A large bird can easily overcome the smaller bird spike due to its long legs. Therefore there are different variants of spikes that are developed to cater to varying types of birds.

What about the silicone?

There are many silicones in the market to help attach the pigeon spike to a surface. Make sure that the silicone you have sticks to any surface of your building and starts immediately to help proof your building from birds.

There are different ways to attach the spikes to a surface?

Generally, spikes come with specialist silicone which helps the spike fix in the base as the spikes come with holes in the base, the glue will generally ooze through the holes and create a lock. These holes can also be used to screw the base down. For a less permanent solution try to use a cable wire to attach pigeon spikes bases.

Different Types Of Wedding Rings

If you have just gotten engaged you are probably on cloud 9, incredibly happy that the love of your life has agreed to spend the rest of their life with you. You all have probably started planning your wedding. One of the most essential parts of the big day would be the placing of the rings on each other’s fingers. The exchange of the rings is a moment that all of you are going to remember for the rest of your lives. These magnificent rings signify the promise that the two of you made to each other. Traditions do change over the years, but this one hasn’t wavered. Wearing a wedding ring signifies that you are committed to someone; the ring shows the world how much you love your spouse. Since the rings hold so much importance, you need to be very careful while picking them. To get more information about wedding rings and bands to check www.mensweddingbands.com.  Here is a list of many types of wedding rings:


  1. One of the best and most common designs is the one that is incredibly and perfectly plain. It shows that you don’t want to boast or show off. An elegant and straightforward plain gold or rose gold design is perfect. They even use platinum sometimes.
  2. Fingerprint wedding rings literally have the fingerprints of the couple engraved on the rings. They come in a variety of options, some of them including gold, silver, metal and platinum as well.
  3. Matching rings or pairing rings are a good option for couples. They can include designs like one ring can have half of one heart, and the other ring can have the other half, when you bring them together, they form a full heart.
  4. A simple diamond ring is actually an elegant and conventional design that has a diamond on the ring; diamonds are forever indeed, and this metal and diamond combination will undoubtedly be perfect.
  5. A butterfly vintage rose gold ring with a heart-shaped diamond. This ring is indeed a beautiful vintage pattern which is studded with smaller diamonds all around it; the centre has a much bigger heart-shaped diamond.
  6. Cushion cut rose gold ring has a hollow princess cut white diamond and is studded high on pink diamonds and also has a layer of a rose gold frame which holds the design high and gives it a pretty vibe.
  7. Princess cut diamond ring has a huge diamond in the middle with some other rings on the side.
  8. Unique wedding rings are trendy and sought after. A handcrafted ring shows people that you are not boring and that you are incredibly creative.

Wedding rings must be one of the most important decisions that you make, so don’t rush it.

The effect horror plays on teens: are they going to love the theatre or not?

The horror and fear are the feelings that develop in ourselves as we grow older. When it comes to talking about teens, they only learn the horror and fear the way we tell them. If we start changing the way of describing both the feelings, the teens will find a lesson in them. Teens are always willing to learn new things. And they love learning things in a fun and entertaining way.

It is only a concept that teens are more afraid of horror creatures and movie as compared to the adults. If you’ve ever been to Europe during the Halloween season, you must have seen that the teens themselves use different scary props and masks to frighten others. Teens can use different ideas such as Leatherface, Jason, Ash, Chucky, and more at the Halloween Horror Nights Event.

If you want to develop the bravery and confidence among the teens, you must allow them to feel the horror in a fun and entertaining way. You can take them with you to the theatre so that they can watch a movie or show. There are two types of teens when it comes to talking about the horror and fear. The first type of teens are afraid of the horror creatures and they don’t have any confidence to face others.

The second type of teens are brave and confident and they use different ideas to frighten others. You must try hard to develop confidence and bravery among your kids otherwise, they would never be able to face the world. The best way to develop the feeling of bravery and confidence is to bring your kids with you to watch a scary movie.

You can start with watching a movie that has some fun and entertainment in it along with it. The kids would definitely love watching these movies. Then you can gradually take them to the next step and show them the extremely horror movies. This will help make your kids strong and brave enough that they’ll easily be able to fight against all the difficulties of life.

One thing you must keep in mind that you should keep explaining everything to them whenever a new creature appears on the screen. Most of the horror movies have a lesson in them for everyone so you can teach your kids to understand the lesson they’re trying to teach in the movie. Try to avoid the movies that are meaningless because they won’t be good for your kids but they’ll make them feel afraid.

How Is A Community Theater Advantageous For The Community?

A community theater is not only beneficial and important for the performers, but even for the community as the whole. It gives the community an opportunity to come up together and celebrate teamwork and creativity. This facet of a community theater is generally dismissed when contemplating on the advantages of a community theater in a community setting. It is always very important to note that the audience plays a significant role in supporting art. The role of the audience is just second to the performer who comes first in supporting art. Coming together for viewing a certain local drama or play is a thrilling and exciting experience irrespective of the fact that whether the entire performance is a flop or simply fantastic. New friends can be made or new interests can easily be discovered at community theaters and thus they are of great benefit for the community.

The Educational Side of Community Theaters

Community theaters are not only beneficial and entertaining for the community and the performers, but they are also educational. Students can greatly benefit from viewing a Shakespeare play live rather than simply studying it in the classroom. There are many musicals and plays based on historical events and these spark interest among students. Students can use such plays for creating research projects in class. Thus, from the above mentioned facts, it can rightly be said that a community theater goes a long way in supporting art in the community. Community theaters are places for life-long learning and new discoveries. These theaters can open the eyes of the audience to new hobbies, new paths in life and new relationships.

The Importance Of Community Theater In Supporting Art

Why is it necessary to support art in a community theatre? Or to take it the other way, does it really make any difference in attending a community theater? The answer to this question is a big Yes. Whether a community theater is wholly amateur or semi-professional, it contributes to art and also to the community as a whole.

How is a Community Theater Useful for the Artists or the Performers?

The very first thing that community theater does is that it gives complete flexibility to the aspiring artists and the theater hobbyists to get together and go about honing their creative and craft skills. This type of theater goes a long way in creating a sense of accomplishment and in developing a community spirit. This is because the cast and the crew of the theater work towards one common goal. A community theater offers its cast a crew a second family irrespective of the fact that whether the artists or the performers choose to go home for their day jobs and families or look forward to flying to their next audition post the curtain falls. There is a certain support system created by a community theater for its artists. On the other hand, the artists performing for the theater take pride in contributing towards art in the community.